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Maternity Photography Calgary

Calgary Maternity Photographer - Maternity Photos


Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles, a precious moment in time that can never be recreated. Let us help you celebrate and record the remarkable experiences this time brings to your body and your family.

It is often said that a woman is her most beautiful when pregnant. We couldn't agree more, and we’re here to capture that beauty, reflecting the joy, anticipation, and bottomless love that envelopes you. This is a time for family, so we invite you to bring soon-to-be-dad, any soon-to-be-siblings, and even pets. We want to capture the essence of the relationship between you as a couple, a family, and as new parents.


Pregnancy can also be a very private, very personal experience, an intimate bond between mother and child. Capturing that exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime closeness between a woman and her unborn baby is an honor for us, and something special and exclusive for you and your child to cherish forever.

We Ensure You Are Comfortable With Your Calgary Maternity Photographer

As pregnancy brings about many changes, your body is a very sensitive, very personal area; comfort with your Calgary maternity photographer is an absolute must. We recommend meeting with you for a no-charge consultation, so you can get to know us and feel comfortable with us. During your session, we provide you with a calm, unobtrusive atmosphere, allotting as much time and privacy as you need. We invite forward your thoughts and feelings as they arise, as they inspire our creativity and imagination. We appreciate the essence of this momentous time, realizing that it is an incredible experience and privilege not to be taken for granted.

We Can Provide You With High Quality, Stunning Maternity Photos

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